The newly designed Rope Actuated Knuckle Boom Crane combines the best of two crane types; the Knuckle Boom and Boom Hoist crane, and offers unique features for optimal operation on subsea installations.

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Rope Actuated Knuckle Boom cranes

This Rope Actuated Knuckle Boom crane is a completely new type crane design and unique in its kind. The crane combines the benefits of a light construction of a rope suspended crane design with the superior load control characteristics of a Knuckle Boom crane by minimizing pendulum swing.

All crane motions are actuated by winch and rope. This way the internal forces of the crane are balanced, and the boom and knuckle structures are subjected to much lower bending moments as compared to the cylinder actuated Knuckle Boom cranes. As a result, KenzFigee’s design experts were able to keep the crane structure relatively light as compared to conventional Knuckle Boom cranes. The Rope Actuated Knuckle Boom crane features impressive capacity-over-weight ratios, comparable to those of Rope Luffing boom hoist cranes.


  • Minimum of the deck space is blocked by the crane in stowed condition
  • High lifting capacity of max 2,000t
  • Work-ability; long knuckle
  • Knuckle jip can be completely folded between the main booms
  • Heavy objects can be lifted over the main boom
  • Tall objects can be lifted over the knuckle jib
  • Maximum radius over the main boom 45m over the knuckle 62m
  • Working over the knuckle jib results in safe operations due to limited pendulum swing
  • Easy to switch between crane operations over the main boom or knuckle jib
  • Relatively light in weight compared to conventional Knuckle Boom cranes

For your information, please click here to download the brochure of the 800tonnes version.

SPECIFICATIONS rope actuated knuckle boom CRANE

KB Rope Actuated Crane MB SWL [t] MB Radius [m] FJ SWL [t] FJ Radius [m]
Type Max Max. Max Max.
RAKB 2S 300 32 100 40
RAKB 4S 400 32 200 40
RAKB 6S 600 32 300 40
RAKB 6L 600 37 300 45
RAKB 8L 800 37 400 45
RAKB 10L 1000 37 500 45
RAKB 12L 1200 37 600 45
Configuration Standard Options
Design code CLAME
Class LRS
Drive Full-electric Full Electric / Diesel-Hydraulic

KB rope actuated crane

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