Transshipment crane barge

Specially designed floating transshipment solution for safe & efficient high capacity heavy duty operations in harbors & coastal waters.

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Crane barge combination


Two ambitious and innovative companies experienced in their own field of expertise: Conoship International (ship design & engineering) and KenzFigee (cranes & offshore equipment design and manufacturing) have teamed up to offer a cost efficient transshipment crane barge combination to meet the specific needs of the dry bulk & break bulk transshipment market.


  • operation in harbors, inland & coastal waters
  • 360⁰ visibility from office/control room amidships
  • easy access of all equipment for maintenance
  • maximum comfort in modern, durable living quarters & work spaces
  • designed for safe & efficient operations

KenzFigee high capacity heavy duty cranes

  • Bulkbusterᵀᴹ, a cost effective designed derrick crane
  • Lemniscate, a robust crane particularly suitable for high volumes
  • maintaining stability & buoyance during (off)loading up to 2.0m SWH
  • designed for low maintenance because of long components lifespan

benefits conoship/kenzfigee transshipment solution:

  • Experienced partners with a proven track record in in the industry
  • Convenient one-stop-shop concept
  • A cost efficient and environmentally friendly transshipment crane barge combination
  • Capable of operating up to 2.0m SWH in coastal conditions
  • Conoship transshipment barge designed with safety in mind and ease of operations
  • Proven quality high capacity heavy duty cranes of KenzFigee
  • Additional services (maintenance, spare parts, etc.) for total care of equipment during lifespan
  • In-house engineering for specific requirements

For more information/specifications have a look at the leaflets:


  • Cost effective derrick crane
  • SWL: 45 t
  • Crane Capacity up to 1,000 t p/hr
  • SWH 2.0m in coastal conditions
  • Barge lxb: 57.8 x 23.5m
  • Barge working deck area: 800 M²
  • Barge grt 3,000t


  • Suitable for high volumes
  • SWL: 36 t
  • Capacity up to 2,000 t p/hr
  • SWH 2.0m in coastal conditions
  • Barge lxb: 57.8 x 23.5m
  • Barge working deck area: 800 M²
  • Barge grt 3,000t
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