KenzFigee’s Bulkbuster crane is developed with the aim to transship bulk in exposed areas.

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Bulkbuster cranes

The development of the Bulkbuster is a result of years of knowledge and practical know-how of the Lemniscate cranes and offshore cranes

For the components lifespan, KenzFigee has taken a more dynamic load design into account because of seaway conditions during bulk handling. This is based on experience gained with offshore cranes installed on among others: offshore vessels and FPSOs.

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  • High speed crane
  • High bulk capacity
  • Designed as an offshore crane instead of harbor crane
  • Longer lifetime of components – lower OPEX
  • Optimized level luffing


Crane motions
Hoisting speed (full grab) [m/min] 60
Hoisting speed (empty grab) [m/min] 180
Luffing time (minimum to maximum radius) [s] 50
Slewing speed [rpm] up to 1.5
Slewing range (continuous) [deg] 360
Environmental conditions
Maximum heel / trim [deg] 3 / 2 or 2 / 3
Operating temperature [°C] -20 to +45
Relative humidity [%] up to 100
Wind speed (operation) [m/s] 25
Wind speed (boom rest) [m/s] 63
Classification according to FEM 1.001
Crane U7 / Q4 / A8 up to 2,000,000 cycles
Hoisting T6 / L3 / M7 up to 12,500 running hours
Luffing T6 / L4 / M8 up to 12,500 running hours
Slewing T7 / L2 / M7 up to 25 000 running hours
Slewing bearing T9 / L3 / M8 > 50 ,00 running hours

BulkBuster crane

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