Ingenious lifting equipment specially designed for material handling on floating platforms.

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Lifting Equipment

KenzFigee has experience in designing and building fit-for-purpose lifting equipment. These systems are a result of ingenious engineering and experience in harsh environments.

Below a selection of our specially designed lifting equipment solutions, of which you will find on the right more information:

  • A-frame
  • LARS (Launch & Recovery System)
  • Pipe gripper
  • Special Purpose Derrick Crane
  • Tailor made overhead travelling crane
  • Upending tool


A-frame SYSTEM

  • Ploughs up to 210t
  • Lifting capacity of 250t, without damping system
  • Damping motions in roll, pitch & heave direction
  • Catcher for plough mating and positioning
  • Control system with multiple operation locations

A-frame system

  • Subsea load handling
  • Launch or recovery special equipment
  • Capacity up to 400t
  • Girder always in upright position
  • Tailor made acc operational vessel requirements
  • Optional in combination with snubber


  • Launch & Recovery System
  • Active Heave Compensated
  • Stroke 6m and motion of 8 sec
  • Waterdepth capacity 2,500m steel wire
  • 4,000m fiber rope
  • LARS reach: 4.2m inboard, 5m offboard
  • Handling object 3.5 diam x 7m
  • Modular & Containerized
  • Optional in combination with snubber

Pipe Gripper

  • Pipe Handling Yoke
  • 3D Motion Compensated
  • 200t knuckle boom

Special Purpose Derrick crane

  • Temporary offshore crane
  • Weight 2.5t
  • Fits in one container
  • Single boom: SWL 30t
  • Double boom: SWL 60t

Upending Tool

  • Offshore wind turbine installation
  • Use of floating barge
  • Next generation wind turbines
  • Reducing costs
  • Reducing time
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