KenzFigee offers a wide range of handling tools for a variety of applications.

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Handling Tools

At KenzFigee we have a long track record of designing and manufacturing a wide range of offshore equipment. All equipment is manufactured by ourselves and customized according to client specifications.

KenzFigee is highly flexible in engineering and offers a high level of expertise in manufacturing tailor-made handling equipment:

  • Winches
  • A-frame Snubber
  • Depressurized Towing Tank
  • Jacket Levelling Tool
  • Jacket Pile Gripper
  • Rope Guiding Tool
  • Slew Bearing Removal Table
  • Stand-alone Active Heave Compensation Units
  • Surge Damper System
  • Tensioner


KenzFigee ensures the best and most efficient solution for your handling needs!

A&R winches

  • Abondonment/Recovery pipes & cables seabed
  • Up to 300t line pull capacity
  • Up to 3,500m spooling capacity
  • Active Heave Compensated
  • Customized

A-frame snubber

  • Suitable for subsea ploughs up to 210t
  • Motion damping in roll, pitch & heave direction up to Hs=3m
  • Integration with vessel HPU
  • A-frame & snubber control from bridge, control cabin & deck
  • Design according Bureau Veritas
  • Customized

Jacket LeveLling Tool

  • 900t levelling system
  • 2x 450t levelling units
  • 94"-135" (2.4-3.4m) pile diameter
  • Clamping by hydraulic cylinder
  • Hotstab connection

Jacket Pile Gripper

  • Designed acc DNVGL-St-0126
  • Clamping force 1,800t tailor made by 8 cylinders
  • Levelling by 4 cylinders
  • Diameter pile 2.5m tailor made

Slew Bearing Removal Table

  • Customized to platform interface
  • Slew bearing up to 8m

FPSO Surge damper

  • Client: Bluewater
  • Platform: FPSO Yu.Korchagin
  • 2x 200t hydraulic damping cylinders
  • 7.2m stroke
  • 1.7m/s cylinder velocity


  • Client: Blue Offshore
  • Crane vessel: Boskalis Giant 7
  • Capacity 5t
  • Fully electric
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