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Conoship & KenzFigee introduce cost efficient transshipment solution

Two ambitious and innovative companies experienced in their own field of expertise: Conoship International (ship design & engineering) and KenzFigee (cranes & offshore equipment design and man...

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W2W vessel 'Wilson Arctic' preparing for her next job

For the next commitment the 3D Active Motion Compensated (ACM) KenzFigee gangway, with a lifting capacity of 1 ton, installed on the W2W vessel 'Wilson Arctic' has been modified at the Esbjerg Shipyar...

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Knuckle boom crane installation o/b Heerema's Aegir

Mobilizing crew or service engineers to and from vessels is an enormous challenge during the COVID-19 outbreak. Reason why after arrival of the KenzFigee service engineers in Singapore, they first ha...

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