KenzFigee also offers clients new, used and/or surplus offshore equipment for sale

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Spare Parts off-the-shelf

To offset some of the costs involved, or in case of immediate availability to minimize downtime of your operations, KenzFigee offers new, used or surplus quality spare parts off-the-self for sale. In some occasions we can also offer equipment from other suppliers.

All spare parts sold by KenzFigee can be customized according to client's specific requirements or can be serviced by KenzFigee's specialist team of qualified service engineers, globally and/or within 24 hours. A selection of the current available equipment is listed on this page.

In case of any questions or other specific needs, please contact us at:
+31 (0)75 681 0410 or send an email to:

inch gearbox

  • Manufacturer: Zollern
  • Type: ZHP 3.26
  • Nm: 25.000

2x Variable piston pump

  • Manufacturer: Parker
  • Model: P7X 3L1A 9A2 B00 0B0

Hoist Winch

  • Manufacturer: Zollern
  • Type: ZHP 4.25
  • Nm: 24.357

Hydraulic starter motor

  • Manufacturer: IPU
  • Model: H-M66
  • Type: D73SXNS
  • Beryllium pinion

Crane Driver Chair

  • Manufacturer: Konig
  • Type: KST6 / Chair KSF9
  • Extended carriage
  • Armrests and headrest
  • Consoles

Variable piston pump

  • Manufacturer: Bosch Rexroth
  • Model: A4VG250
  • Type: EP4DMT1/32L
  • Capacity: 250cc

Variable piston pump

  • Manufacturer: Sauer Danfoss
  • Model: 90L180
  • Type: HS5DE80TMC8L03
  • Capacity: 180cc

Variable piston pump

  • Manufacturer: Parker Hannifin
  • Model: L1L1T1N
  • Type: PV180
  • Capacity: 180cc

Slew Bearings

  • Manufacturer: Rothe Erde
  • Model: Ball Bearing
  • Type: 062.60.1290 | 062.70.1880
  • Size: 1290mm | 1880mm dia

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