Extend the lifetime of your equipment with a refurbishment. Modifying existing equipment is often more economical than purchasing new.

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Modification, Refurbishment & Overhaul

Crane modifications are often required to service larger vessels, increase productivity or lifting capacity, different operations or complying with current legislation. Modifying existing equipment can be quicker and is often a more economical alternative than purchasing new cranes. Download here our brochure!

Much of the lifting and hoisting equipment was originally designed for a life time up to 30 years. After a refurbishment executed by KenzFigee the remaining lifetime of equipment can be considerably extended.

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After years of extensive use, the performance of your equipment is nowhere near its productivity at the beginning of its life cycle. An overhaul of your equipment, or parts of it, can result in a restored performance of up to 100%.  Replacing parts is without a doubt more cost effective than buying new equipment.

Bucyres erie MK60

    • Type: Boom hoist
    • Client: Total E&P
    • Platform: L7Q
Scope of Work:
  • Complete refurbishment of o.a.:
  • New relocated relocation
  • Overhaul diesel engine
  • New plating machinery house, pumps
  • Mechanical and electrical modifications
  • Control system

2x Liebherr Bos 60/700

    • Type: Boom Hoist
    • Client: Petrogas E&P
Scope of Work:
  • Replacement control system
  • Replacement drivers chairs and consoles
  • Replacement SLI unit & display
  • Capacity upgrade MOB handling
  • Installation of airconditioning
  • Provision of AOPS function
  • Electrical modifications

FIGEE crane

    • Type: Lemniscate
    • Client: Rietlanden Terminals
    • Platform: Ponton
Scope of Work:
  • Overhaul luffing drive
  • 75t
  • Reinforced
Cadeler orders deck crane for WIV 'Wind Orca'

KenzFigee signed a contract to replace the current offshore deck crane on the O-class Windfarm Installation Vessel (WIV) ‘Wind Orca’. Cadeler has awarded KenzFigee this contract based on its deci...

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Five-year service contract from Dana Petroleum

KenzFigee has secured a five-year deal to provide TotalCare sm     Lifting Services for Dana Petroleum. This contract will provide for maintenance management and the supply of expert service engin...

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New sales representative in Asia Pacific market

KenzFigee has entered into a collaboration with Orange Delta Equipment for the representation of its products & services portfolio in the Asia Pacific market. This collaboration covers the repres...

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